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You will get Natural & Chemical-free

Tree Ripened Mangoes for free of cost

Direct from farm. Our members can enjoy the taste of natural mangoes.
No chemicals are used for ripening.
Good News to our members!

Gem Farms collaborated with M/s. Rubicon Agros and appointed as Stockist cum Franchise. “Natural Food” is a division of Rubicon to offer Natural Mangoes to our Members* for free of cost who took up this business opportunity.

We are proud to announce that free Mangoes, naturally grown on our own farm and ripened without using any chemicals are offered this summer through our appointed Stockist cum Franchise, Rubicon Agros, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

The mangoes will be supplied next summer, the same as this summer.

*The members who took up this business opportunity under Free Alkaline Water Ionizer & Residential plot

Stickiest cum Franchisee
Ceraku Rasalu

Cheruku Rasalu

Very sweet and juicy.

No chemicals were used.

Banginapalli Mangoes

Very sweet.

Mangoes are not new to all.


The mangoes are supplied free of cost to the members through Courier up to 20kgs.

Otherwise, one can visit our farms at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, and pluck the fresh mangoes personally.

Contact 89719 49184 for location.

Cheraku Rasalu

This variety of Cheruku Rasalu is famous in Andhra Pradesh and has grown widely. They are very tasty and juicy.

Banginapalli Mangoes

This variety of Mangoes is grown in Andhra Pradesh. They are very tasty and sweet.

Tothapuri Mangoes

This variety of Mangoes for pulp and used for making juice.